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PromeroMDR is an independently accredited third party assessment organization (3PAO) in accordance with the federal government’s FedRAMP requirements.

FedRAMP is a program that allows a cloud service provider (CSP) to meet security requirements so agencies may outsource with confidence. If you are a cloud service provider you are undoubtedly seeking FedRAMP certification. If you are already to help you prepare and achieve FedRAMP certification.

For 3PAO services that reduce costs and leverages our advanced audit platform

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You need to expand your business’ cloud services into government markets while minimizing performance and operational risks. Accomplish this with our industry-leading, innovative, and cost-effective FedRAMP 3PAO services.

FedRAMP is a program that enables cloud services providers (CSPs) to meet and demonstrate the security requirements embedded with FISMA and the NIST publications so that an agency may outsource with the confidence that its cloud service provider is meeting those requirements.

PromeroMDR provides FedRAMP, FISMA and NIST 3PAO advisory and assessment services for public, private, community, and hybrid cloud service offerings, including Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

  • Cost Reductions

    We work smarter, not harder, to drive down your costs by giving you access to our advanced audit software solution.

    With years of experience working with our clients for our clients not against them with scope-creep and annual price hikes.

  • Proactive not Reactive

    We work with our FedRAMP clients proactively throughout the year to help prevent threats to your FedRAMP compliance program.

    With the time and expense required to remain FedRAMP certified, you don’t want to risk a compliance exposure that would drive up your costs and invalidate your valuable certification.

  • Start to Finish in Record Time

    Our proven FedRAMP 3PAO assessment approach and technology dramatically improves the completion process. We average a huge 46% reduction in the traditional assessment time due to our critical path methodology, proactive philosophy and usage of an advanced audit platform, you have 24/7 access allowing everyone to get-in-and-get-out quickly.

  • Readiness Assessment

    The objective of this initial assessment is to ensure your solution is ready for the FedRAMP process and can quickly proceed through the ATO process in the designated time frame.

  • 3PAO Assessment

    PromeroMDR conducts official 3PAO assessments for systems seeking an Agency-sponsored, CSP-supplied, or JAB Provisional Authority to Operate (ATO). We also provide client assessments against the Defense Information Systems Agency’s (DISA) additional security control requirements for impact levels 2, 4. and 5. Additionally, the Department of Defense (DoD) Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide (CC SRG) program requirements align with FedRAMP and may be conducted in parallel.

  • Business Justification Review

    If you are wondering whether the FedRAMP certification is right for your organization, the PromeroMDR FedRAMP Cybervisors™ will provide your decision-makers with a clear picture of program costs, timelines, and internal resource demands to facilitate an informed decision about pursuing FedRAMP certification. Get insights into information security program improvements, technology and process updates along with architectural changes required to achieve FedRAMP certification informing the decision-making process.

  • Compliance Review

    PromeroMDR FedRAMP Cybervisors™ will conduct several days of analysis and review, and then advise project stakeholders about key steps in the process such as the identification and verification of the system authorization boundary, a gap analysis and technical review of the FedRAMP high value controls, analyzing, and determine the status of applicable policies and procedures, assessing the vulnerability scanning and penetration testing program applicability, and then establishing your FedRAMP Accreditation roadmap.

We Have What It Takes!

PromeroMDR is an A2LA ISO/IEC 17020 accredited organization certification number 3822.01.

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The FedRAMP 3PAO professionals at PromeroMDR are completely committed to you and your business’ FedRAMP compliance success. Regardless of whether you represent the private sector or the public sector, we stand ready to partner with your organizations.

What is the FedRAMP Ecosystem?

FedRAMP streamlines the federal agencies’ ability to make use of cloud service provider platforms and offerings.

FedRAMP provides three paths for CSPs to obtain compliant authorization after undergoing a third-party independent security assessment.

A CSP can be a commercial or government entity that has a cloud offering or service. The CSP is responsible for implementing FedRAMP security controls, hiring an independent third party assessor to perform initial and annual assessments, creating and maintaining its authorization, and complying with continuous monitoring requirements. Commercial CSPs must select an accredited 3PAO like.

FedRAMP requires all CSPs to prepare their own System Security Plan (SSP). The SSP is the main document in which the CSP describes all the security controls in use on the information system and their implementation. In this onerous report are extensive details focused on System Description, Roles and Responsibilities, Hardware, Software, and Network inventories, and boundary and architecture, network, and data flow diagrams are propagated across Contingency Plans, Configuration Management Plans, and other documentation. A 3PAO cannot do this for a CSP and also assess the CSP as their 3PAO. This would be an extreme conflict of interest!

Compliance Timeline

This illustration shows the process and notional timeframe to achieve either a JAB Provisional or Agency ATO. The time frame is dependent on CSP readiness and ability to respond to comments throughout each of the stages. Continuous monitoring activities commence once authorization is achieved.

Comprehensive FedRAMP Compliance Audit Services

Once a company has made the decision to enlist a third party to provide FedRAMP compliance audit services, they want assurances that those services will be provided timely, accurately and securely. A FedRAMP compliance audit shows your commitment to maintaining a sound control environment that protects your client’s data and confidential information.

Many organizations will find that the work to obtain authorization is nothing like any other compliance assessment that they have ever done before. The body of work is based on NIST Special Publication 800-53 for low, moderate and high impact systems, along with additional special controls.

Comprehensive Cybervisor™ Assessment Services

On-board your cloud system with the industry’s most proactive and innovative third-party assessment organization (3PAO). Rely on our industry-leading Cybervisors™ who know the technical rigor and scrutiny you can expect during FedRAMP assessments.