AT&T DDoS Defense

AT&T DDos Defense service provides cloud-based monitoring of volumetric distributed denial of service attacks with detailed traffic analysis and may activate mitigation to help prevent malicious traffic from entering your network.


The benefits of AT&T DDos Defense

Optional proactive or reactive monitoring solutions

With full managed AT&T proactive or reactive DDoS defense, customers may call the AT&T threat management center to activate mitigation or rely on alerts sent to AT&T that are generated when malicious traffic against a specific set of IP addresses in the customer’s network are identified.

Ease of management

Simple activation and operation of your business-critical applications to maintain the flow of legitimate business traffic.

Help identify malicious intruders

Detailed traffic analysis helps to identify anomalies, so that malicious traffic can be sent to scrubbing facilities and be blocked.

Features and options



E-mail notification

The full managed service may notify via e-mail on critical alerts, advisories and attacks

In-depth reporting information

Web portal access for service and status reporting information

Detailed monitoring service

The full managed service may monitor a specified IP address range


Product Brief

Help stop DDoS attacks before they overwhelm your network with AT&T DDos Defense (PDF).

Product Brief

Make AT&T reactive DDoS defense your contingency plan to mitigate attacks (PDF).