Premises-based Firewall

To help detect and mitigate risks, premises-based firewalls have become an important part of any corporate security program, and should be looked upon as the foundation of internetwork security.


The benefits of premises-based firewall solutions

Reducing costs

Help reduce capital investments, staffing, and maintenance expenses with premises-based firewall solutions.

Ease of management

Helps reduce the complexity associated with managing your IP network firewall security solution.

Time saver

Premises-based firewall solutions allow for quicker time to market for deployment.

Peace of mind

Knowledge that AT&T Cybersecurity professionals are managing your security solution 24X7.

Features and options



Application control

Fully managed single firewall supporting DMZ, extranet, and VPN connectivity

Malware detection

Policy management

Intrusion and threat prevention

Extranet and VPN connectivity options


Product Brief

Your premises-based firewall expectation guide on ordering, service, and billing (PDF).


Fortify your network defenses by anticipating and blocking threats.


Common questions and answers about premises-based firewall

AT&T premises-based firewall service is a fully managed, network security service that provides the first layer of defense between a Local Area Network (LAN) and the Internet. Premises-based firewall service includes all hardware and software components, configuration, installation, and day-to-day management and maintenance as well as expert customer support and proactive network monitoring.

You can choose from several premises-based firewall service solutions to meet your business requirements. They include systems from industry-leading providers from Fortinet®, Check Point®, Palo Alto Networks®, Cisco® and Juniper Networks®.

As part of the premises-based firewall service, you can define your own security policy and tailor the solution to meet your business needs. The service also includes high-availability configurations, multi-gigabit throughput capacity, and advanced reporting.

Your devices are actively managed and monitored by AT&T security professionals, 24×7, from AT&T’s Security Operation Centers (SOCs). AT&T SOCs are highly secure, fully redundant sites, equipped with emergency backup power and advanced security technologies. AT&T Security professionals apply their extensive knowledge to monitor and respond to possible threats in the network.

Managed security — AT&T manages all phases of your firewall deployment. We can help design, configure and manage your firewall. AT&T premises-based firewall services provide an alternative to self-management which can be capital and labor intensive.

Proactive monitoring—AT&T actively manages and monitors your firewalls 24×7 from the AT&T SOCs. Our SOCs collect data, observe network traffic and perform analysis against known vulnerabilities, helping to mitigate the threat. As a result, you benefit from AT&T security expertise and technology.

Next-generation capabilities—Many of the AT&T-managed premises-based firewall solutions are capable of delivering next-generation capabilities such as Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Web-Filtering, Anti-Virus, and Application Control. Next-generation firewalls use deep packet inspection and application awareness to provide a more complete and efficient protection than traditional stateful inspection firewalls.

With advanced correlation data gathered, AT&T can identify threats that other service providers might miss. Our customers can delegate the management and response for security issues to AT&T without relinquishing control over their network. We offer options for managed firewall services that are premises-based and network-based for a hybrid solution. Our rich portfolio of managed security solutions and ecosystem of cybersecurity technologies and alliances help you contain risk, embrace change, and elevate trust.