AT&T Secure Web Gateway

Cloud-delivered, unified protection across locations, users, and devices.


Protecting the data center is no longer enough

Users are highly distributed

Employees browse the internet and conduct business from many locations, using company owned and personal devices. This increases the likelihood of a computer or smart phone encountering malware or falling victim to data exfiltration.

Employees often work off-network

Users may connect to the internet directly to accomplish whatever work is possible without accessing the network. When traffic isn’t routed to the data center, businesses operating on a hub and spoke model lose visibility as well as their ability to enforce security policy. Without these guardrails, the possibility of a security incident becomes more likely as employees freely surf the net, click links, and download files without the analysis provided by a perimeter security device.

Shadow IT is a growing concern

Employees often use unsanctioned SaaS or cloud-based applications and may be storing sensitive corporate or customer data within them. Security administrators need visibility into which applications are being utilized so security and sharing policies may be applied.

Potential benefits

Consistent, unified protection for today’s global workforce

Enable safer internet browsing

Protect users from web-based threats, including zero-day attacks* with sandboxing technology.

Enforce corporate acceptable use policies

Reduce productivity loss from time-wasting websites and block those inappropriate for the workplace.

Inspect encrypted web traffic

Decrypt SSL packets to validate they are free of malware, removing the burden from firewalls and other network devices.

Eliminate shadow IT*

Gain visibility into all web-based applications used, including previously undiscovered programs, so security policies may be applied.

Protect against data loss*

Scan files for sensitive information, such as credit cards and social security numbers, and restrict how it may be shared.

Trim capital expenses

Reduce data center appliances and operational overhead with this cloud-based 24×7 AT&T managed solution.

Use cases

Accelerate digital transformation to deliver world-class experiences

Migration to SaaS and cloud-based applications

With AT&T Secure Web Gateway, users get highly secure direct access to applications hosted in the cloud, without routing traffic through the data center.

Protecting SD–WAN deployments

AT&T Secure Web Gateway offers unified visibility and protection for users across headquarters and branch locations.

Safer internet browsing

AT&T Secure Web Gateway enables administrators to restrict access to potentially harmful websites and allow their users both a safe and appropriate experience for the workplace.

Enabling a remote workforce

AT&T Secure Web Gateway offers unified protection for remote users across devices, whether on or off network.

Inspection of encrypted web traffic

With AT&T Secure Web Gateway, plain text and encrypted traffic is analyzed in the cloud, before reaching the network.

Why choose an AT&T managed solution

24x7 monitoring by AT&T Security Network Operations Center

Deployment strategy and execution

  • Rapid deployment completed by certified engineers
  • Collaboration with customer for solution architecture and security policy design
  • Testing and troubleshooting for traffic forwarding and security controls

Flexible management models

  • Fully managed or co-management options
  • Deploy approved security patches and upgrades
  • Support future needs including security architecture updates or feature turn-up

Comprehensive visibility

  • Consolidated dashboard views and detailed drill downs by location, user, or device
  • Automated or on-demand reporting
  • Ability to share sys log data with AT&T USM Anywhere and integration with AlienApps

SASE Readiness Consultation

AT&T Cybersecurity Consulting offers an end to end SASE advisory service, covering the basic requirements of SASE all the way through architecture and deployment guidance.

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